Flashback Friday

Looking back at past Halloweens…. and how all of the kids have been Stitch.

Here’s Ane, in 2004.  This is a picture of a picture (her first Halloween was in the pre-digital era), and she’s not looking at the camera… but she found candy!

Ane as Stitch, 2004

Here’s Tad in the costume in 2006.  The Stitch costume is actually a 12 month size, and he was far too small at his first Halloween (only 2 months old) to wear it.  So he wore it for his second Halloween, while Ane dressed as Lilo in a hula outfit.

Lilo and Stitch

Here’s Rerun in the costume in 2010.  He did not have a Lilo to accompany him that year.

Happy Stitch!

And here’s Thumper in 2013.  Ane was Lilo yet again, in the costume that had been originally made for Auntie (so she could be Lilo to Ane’s Stitch).

Lilo and Stitch together

And the Webmaster thought I was crazy when I bought the costume for Ane in 2004 from the Disney Store.  He never imagined that I’d make it work for 4 children!  I got my money’s worth for that one!

And happy birthday to one of my most loyal readers – Great-Grandma!  We love you, and I will be sending tech support over to your house tonight! 

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