More LEGO Americana Roadshow!

Rerun really wanted to see the LEGO show, too.

So, while Ane was out at a birthday party on Sunday afternoon, the Webmaster and the boys and I all went to the mall.  The Webmaster had a return to make at REI, so we made a full trip out of it.

Rerun at the Liberty Bell

Rerun did not want to change into Seahawks gear for watching the game that evening.  He was still in his church clothes.  Everyone thinks he’s a snappy dresser, but in reality, he’s just doing cosplay.

Rerun and the Capitol

It was over by the LEGO Capitol that we found the fun giveaway of the weekend – the free “make and take” mini Washington Monument!  The boys eagerly went through the line and gathered their pieces…

Getting all the pieces

… then started the build.


(Notice that Tad was in his jersey.  I thought it looked good on him!)

When the build was finished…


… we had to check out the big one!

The big version!

And we had to visit the Statue of Liberty.

The boys at the Statue of Liberty

And then we finished with the boys pretty much begging us to buy all the sets in the LEGO Store.  Curse you, LEGO.  You are too much fun.

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