Puzzles Interest Him

Thumper has begun to show a real interest in puzzles.  His behavior therapist (who comes to the house) has really been working with him on how they work, because early on in his therapy, he couldn’t have cared less about them.  He just wanted things that made noise, and lots of it!

Now, we have this:

Sorting shapes

He has absolutely fallen in love with the Tupperware shape sorter, and will often just have me dump it out several times in a row so he can do it again.

We also have a couple of wooden peg-type puzzles that he will repeatedly dump out and put back together.

He rarely gets frustrated with them, which is great.  I love seeing his wheels turn while he works.

One Response to “Puzzles Interest Him”

  1. Linda
    October 25th, 2016 05:16

    Perhaps a budding Architect?! Gentle hugs to Thumper!