Art of the Week – Implied Textures

This was a two-part lesson.  Last week, Tad’s class learned about “implied textures” – making something look as if it was textured by the way it was drawn on the page.

This week, the lesson moved into application with a relief of an owl.

Tad and owl

The kids created the owl on a piece of cardboard (I’m not sure what they used), then laid aluminum foil on top, and then rubbed the foil down to create an embossed effect.  Then they painted the foil, and once it was dry-ish, buffed off the raised edges to reveal the owl.

Tad’s teacher said the blue paint went on a bit thick, so a little extra buffing elbow grease was necessary.  We did a little more at home, after this picture was taken, to get an even better look at the owl.

Tad did such a good job on his owl that his teacher used his to demonstrate (with a spare piece of foil) how the finished product would look!  She then took it off and Tad did his own, but he showed me the sample that she had made – he was really proud that she had used his for a demo!

One Response to “Art of the Week – Implied Textures”

  1. Linda
    October 26th, 2016 07:13

    Very nice, Tad! You need to start a Gallery!