Flashback Friday

Monday is Halloween!  All the pieces are assembled for the costumes (and if one more box that was supposed to arrive two days ago finally shows up, it will be a bonus), so now it’s just a matter of adjusting, pinning, and some hemstitching.

So, here’s one more flashback to two years ago, when Ane really went DIY on us, and the boys went all DC Comics.

The kids, Halloween 2014

Ane was an Enderman from Minecraft (which was a seriously easy costume – wear all black and stick a box on your head!  Well, we did work hard on the box), and as you can see, we had Batman, Robin, and Superman.

Ane as an Enderman

The mini Justice League

We’ll be doing some pumpkin carving this weekend, and then will be heading out trick-or-treating on Monday evening (Tad’s art class was cancelled for the week).  Have a good weekend, everyone!

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