The 2016 Pumpkins!

We did a staggered pumpkin carving this year.

Ane carved her own pumpkin at the youth group party last Wednesday.  She has been wearing her Jedi cosplay dress for parties and school – because her real Halloween costume needs her brothers to make any sense.  You’ll see tomorrow.  Anyway, she carved her pumpkin to match her cosplay dress.

Rebel pumpkin

The boys carved their pumpkins on Saturday.

Boys sit down with their pumpkins

And when I say “carved” I mean “took a few tablespoons of pumpkin guts out of their pumpkins, got their hands ever-so-slightly dirty, and then begged Mom to finish them up as we stood over her shoulder, dictating what we wanted.”  THAT kind of “carved.”

Tad wanted a Doctor Who logo.  He wanted the actual words “Doctor Who” spelled out.  I told him the pumpkin was too small for that (and I didn’t have enough patience).  We compromised on the DW logo from the Eleventh Doctor era.

Tad's Doctor Who pumpkin

Rerun wanted a classic jack o’lantern smile.  He drew it on with a marker, I made the lines straighter.

Tad's classic jack o'lantern

Thumper really did not care about the cute little pumpkin I’d picked out for him.  After cleaning out and carving his older brothers’ pumpkins, I was tired.  The Webmaster said he’d take over.  I cleaned out the pumpkin, and then we brainstormed on what to carve.  The Husky game on TV became our inspiration.

Husky "W" pumpkin

After all, the kid DOES go to campus twice a week!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would spend so much time on my alma mater’s campus after I finished my degrees, just taking my kids there every week.

The costumes are ready, the candy is prepped, and the kids are pumped.  It’s Halloween!!!

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