A Whovian Halloween

Presenting…. our Doctor Who Halloween!

Doctor Who Halloween 2016

Starring Thumper as the Ninth Doctor…

Ninth Doctor Thumper

Tad as the Tenth Doctor…

Tenth Doctor Tad

Rerun as the Eleventh Doctor…

Eleventh Doctor Rerun

Ane as companion Clara Oswald…


And the Webmaster stood in for the TARDIS.

The kids had a blast dressing up.  Well, at least the older three did.  Thumper was just happy to be comfortable, with no mask on his face, and getting some candy was just a bonus.

At Grandma and Gichan's

I expect these costumes will be around for a while!

One Response to “A Whovian Halloween”

  1. Ressis
    November 2nd, 2016 20:14

    I love Rerun’s pose! He nailed it! But Tad is missing a brown swishy coat.