School Portraits 2016

Thumper’s school pictures were the last to be taken, and finally came back in last Thursday.

So, this weekend I decided that it would be a smart idea to actually put them in frames, instead of just letting them sit in the envelopes.  (Like I did last year, until I finally bought a new set of picture frames to hold Rerun and Thumper’s pictures.)

Here they are!

School pics 2016

Considering that school pictures are a “take what you can get” moment, these aren’t too bad!  Except I don’t know why Tad isn’t smiling with teeth in his.  Ane and Rerun look pretty good in theirs (and Rerun looks a lot like the Webmaster in that picture, with a major difference in the eyes), and while Thumper isn’t looking at the camera, he still looks pretty cute.  Also, the same photography studio did the three older kids’ school pictures, but a different studio did the preschool pictures.  There is a slight difference in the background and sizing.

These will be on display (with a short hiatus at Christmas when the Santa pictures are displayed) until next year’s pictures come in!

One Response to “School Portraits 2016”

  1. Nana
    November 14th, 2016 07:25

    These are wonderful !!