Self Dental Care

I was driving home from art class when Tad piped up from the backseat.  “Mom, I have something for you!”

He was waving his hand at me, but I can’t look.  “I’m driving. What is it?”

“MY TOOTH!” he crowed.  Which is when I notice that the hand in the mirror looks a little blood-streaked.

“WHAT?”  He had never told me he had a loose tooth.

“Look!” He holds up his hand again, and I finally get a quick peek at the stoplight.  It’s a molar.

“Where did that come from??”  I was trying to figure out which molar it could have been.

Tad opened his mouth. “Right here!” 

THAT was helpful.

Once we got home (and he got the tooth safely in the house, in a baggie, and under his pillow after dropping it in the car), I determined it was a baby two-year-old molar.

It’s another step closer to the braces!

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