Thanksgiving 2016

Here’s hoping your holiday was filled with food and family, like ours was!

Rerun at dinner

Tad at dinner

Ane and Little Cousin

Little Cowgirl

As Tad said, “Wow, I’m really blowing my diet!”  Pause.  “Mom, what’s a diet?”

And if you’re wondering where Thumper was…

Thumper snoozing away

While you can’t see it in this picture, the poor little guy was just the right height to burn his cheek on the edge of a hot-from-the-oven cookie tray about 3 hours before Thanksgiving dinner.  He cried a lot, but he cried even more about the ice pack that the Webmaster had to physically restrain him to hold on to his face.  As a result of the tears and the struggle, he slept all through dinner – which made this the most peaceful Thanksgiving I’ve had in YEARS, because I didn’t have to deal with feeding a baby or toddler!  He woke up and ate lightly later – Thumper has food issues.  I guess I should write about that sometime.

Everyone goes back to school today!  YAAAAAY!!!!!

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