Thumper and the Dark Lord of the Sith

Yeah, we let our nerd flag fly pretty high and proudly in this family.  So when ThinkGeek opened its first Seattle store in the mall I grew up shopping in, my friend Lisa and I made plans to go for the grand opening.

She scouted it out ahead of time (because the store actually opened before the “grand opening” – the “grand opening” is just an excuse for a party), and messaged me with “they have a Darth Vader at the door!”

We both knew Thumper would love it.

And he did.

Mommy, Thumper, Darth Vader

Also, I am really short compared to the Dark Lord of the Sith.

While Thumper loved seeing the life-size Vader, he was too tired to take it all in, and took a good hard nap in the stroller while the moms did some Christmas shopping around the mall.  Not that he could tattle about what Mom may or may not have bought while out at the mall.

There was definitely some good stuff at the new store, but there was no kid apparel (kids like T-shirts, too!) and they really need to expand their Doctor Who offerings.  Just saying.  But I’ll be making it back there sometime.

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