O Santa! We Found You!

Time to visit Santa Claus!

Santa and kids 2016

We happened to see one of my favorite Santas… this guy is so personable with kids.  He greeted these guys with, “You’re here!  It’s been a whole year since I’ve seen you!”

Thumper was okay with being on Santa’s lap for about 10 seconds, and then began to cry.  Mommy knew how to fix that, and I held my phone over the camera opening, which was playing Thumper’s favorite alphabet song from preschool at full volume off YouTube.  This also drew the other three’s attention toward the camera.  (I have my secret tricks…)

The kids took 4 pictures, with this one being the best.  Rerun was actually smiling more in the other ones, but Ane blinked in one and her head was really tilted in another (until I told her to swipe her hair out of her face – I got a massive eyeroll, but it fixed the problem, because she wasn’t tilting her head to see through her bangs), so you have to go with the best one on the average.

Tad had a whole list he presented to Santa (you can actually see it poking out of the box next to Santa’s chair), Thumper got my phone and had nothing more to say to Santa, Ane wanted books, and Rerun was tongue-tied when Santa asked him what he wanted.  I finally prompted him with “don’t you want more Magic Tree House books?” and his eyes lit up.  “YES, I want Magic Tree House books!”

(Score one for Mom, who already did that shopping.)

Candy canes were handed around, and our yearly visit to Santa was over.  Until next year, Santa!  We’ll have the milk and cookies waiting!

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