Christmas 2016 Recap: Part 3

It’s Christmas morning!  The stockings were full, there were presents under the tree…

Christmas morning 2016

… there were three children supposedly sleeping on the floor.

Boys up, girl out

This has been a tradition the last few years, where the oldest three will sneak out early, get their pillows and blankets, and camp out until the adults get up.  The first year, they all fell asleep under the tree, but woke up before I could get my camera.  This year, the boys were knocking on our door and running back to their spot under the tree.  Ane, however, had fallen back asleep.

She woke up quickly, and we got Thumper up to take a picture!

Christmas morning kids 2016

We got started on the stockings, where we found Santa had brought us exactly what we’d written down on our list…

New game

… the trendy stuff…

Pusheen shirt

… and stuff to keep the cosplay happening.

New braces!

Then we moved on to the presents under the tree… and each kid found something amazing.

Ane got a new Chromebook (courtesy of her Dad finding a killer Black Friday deal).  She was shocked.

New laptop

Thumper got something that we knew would appeal to him – a plush talking Dalek!

red Dalek

He’s probably the hardest kid to shop for right now, but we really hit a home run with this one.

Making the Dalek talk

And what better to go with a Dalek than a Cyberman?

Rerun and his Cyberman

You might be sensing a theme.  Yes, each kid did get at least one Doctor Who item, come to think of it.

Tad scored in the LEGO department.  Both in Batman and Doctor Who.

LEGO sets

And even though we started in plenty of time, we still had to hustle to get the kids dressed (I had the boys’ clothes all laid out), and get our annual picture in front of the tree taken.

Christmas 2016

We had places to go!

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