Come Back Soon….

The Webmaster is off on his first business trip in years.  During our early married lives, he took several trips, but as he changed jobs, the requirements changed, too.  The last time he took a business trip was when he worked for Regence (which was two jobs ago), and those were mostly quick trips to Portland.

This time, he flew all the way to upstate New York.  It’s a relatively short trip – he left Monday morning and will be back Thursday night.  Still, single parenting is a stress, even with as tight a routine as we keep.

And speaking of routine, the person who misses the Webmaster the most is Tad.  He cried about it before the Webmaster even left.  So, in order to soften the blow (and because Tad was in the car when I took the Webmaster to the airport, because he was home finishing up his sick days), I had the Webmaster give Tad three of these LEGO Batman Movie minifigures.  They come in grab bags, and you never know what you will get.

Well, Tad couldn’t wait to get home and open them.

LEGO Batman Movie minifigures

The catch with these minifigures – besides the fact that they are a mystery and you never know what you will get – is that they are weird exclusives, and are not available in other sets.  And there are 20 of them.  Guess who wants to collect all 20?

Good thing he still has some LEGO gift card money left from Christmas.

He would still like his dad to come home soon.

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