White Stuff From the Sky

We had another snow day!  This was predicted, but I didn’t quite believe it until we were home and the kids were in bed on Sunday night.  It had been sleeting all day long, but there’s a big difference between sleet and stuff that actually sticks.

But by the time the Webmaster and I were climbing in bed, there was 3/4 of an inch.  By morning, we had two inches.  And at 5:30 am, we got the call from the school district that school was canceled.

This began a chain reaction.  School was canceled, and the university was actually closed down, so no therapy for Thumper.  And then no art class for Tad (his teacher’s call, which she sent out via email).  Ane did have math tutoring, but that was relatively nearby and the Webmaster left work early (not a lot of people at work today) to drive her.

And the end result of the chain reaction was Mom’s loss of sanity.  I finally kicked the boys outside before lunch.  GO, GO, BURN OFF SOME ENERGY OUT THERE!!!

Thumper leads the way

Thumper the ninja led the way outside.  His brothers soon followed.

In the jungle

The world – and the backyard – are a different place when it snows.  It’s so pretty.



And because the snow was nice and wet, Tad got to work.  He proclaimed this “the perfect snowball.”

Tad and the perfect snowball

As Ane came out, Thumper and Rerun came in.  Ane and Tad then constructed a “snow fort” which was really more like an elevated snow ring.

The snow fort

But it will be the last thing in the yard to melt.

School is already on a two-hour delay for today (it was announced last night, and Ane knew it before she went to bed), but that means Thumper will miss another day of school (no preschool on late start days), and the way he’s been behaving, I may have to make him run laps.

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