Flashback Friday

Today is the day.  The.  Day.  The second Christmas.  The date circled on the calendar.  The biggest day in Tad’s year, after his own birthday.

The LEGO Batman Movie opens in theaters today.  The Webmaster is taking Tad and Rerun to see it tonight.

Which reminds me of how this whole obsession with Batman got started.  It was Christmas season 2010, and there was a Fisher Price catalog in the house.  Tad has always loved catalog shopping.  Well, he flipped to a whole page full of Batman toys, and his eyes widened.  It’s strange how clearly I remember this.  Tad asked me, “Mama, what’s that?”

“That is Batman,” I said, little realizing that I was sealing my fate.

By his next birthday (August 2011), he had a Batman cake.

Happy 6th birthday!

And it only continued on from there.

The Batcave of his dreams

(Christmas 2011)

And then we discovered LEGO Batman.

Oh, Mama....

(August 2012)

Tad and his LEGO set

(August 2013)


Tad with his cupcake cake

(August 2014)

Happy happy happy

(August 2015)

Posing with his box

(August 2016)

And it has all led to today.

The tickets are purchased and Tad is ready.

LEGO Batman

I can only hope that he lives through the school day.

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