Winter Sun, Cousin Fun, At The Zoo!

We are just about to run out of time to spend with the cousins.  They are going to be moving away again, so we decided to take advantage of a beautiful sunny (but slightly chilly) day last Saturday, and take the two older girls with us to the zoo and aquarium!  (This was also the weekend Ane was away at youth group winter camp, but she’s seen the zoo a lot.  And this meant we had enough seat belts in the minivan to take the older girls.)

Zoo morning!

Tad promised Little Cousin and Little Cowgirl sharks.  They saw sharks.

At the touch tank

Tad demonstrated the proper way to “pet” a stingray and an epaulette shark, but neither girl was having it.  They liked looking, not touching.  This was the first time Thumper had actually paid attention to the touch tank, but he wasn’t sticking his hands in there, either.

Thumper looks, no touch

Don’t worry, the sharks got plenty of affection from Tad.

The shark petter

The girls enjoyed seeing the tropical fish…

The girls

… and were blown away by the size and scale of the sharks.  Tad introduced them to his personal friend, the wobbegong shark, who was hanging out near its favorite window spot.

Tad and the wobbegong

Point Defiance is in the process of constructing a new huge aquarium building (which will combine the current South Pacific Aquarium with the North Pacific Aquarium, and be called the Pacific Rim Aquarium), and we were told that when the aquarium is completed (in summer 2018), there will be hammerhead sharks and sea turtles moving in!  Tad was THRILLED.

We continued on through the aquarium and zoo, stopping at the animal show (it was already in progress, but the kids enjoyed it), and we arrived at the walrus pool in time for their feeding.

Dozer and Joan, the walruses

We learned that the walrus makes a sucking sound like a vacuum cleaner when it eats.  Slurp, slurp, slurp.  The kids loved it.

Because it is winter, some of the animals we thought we’d see were off exhibit and their habitats under repair.  So we finished up a little earlier than even we thought we would.  And since it was our last chance, we let the kids ride the carousel.

Rerun on a horse

Little Cowgirl on the clouded leopard

Little Cousin on the red wolf

Thumper on the lion

Tad on horse, Little Cowgirl watching

Naturally, the kids loved the carousel ride.  (Little Cowgirl said it was her favorite thing at the zoo.)

We stopped for lunch at the McDonald’s just outside the zoo (another thing about winter – only one cafe at the zoo is open, and McDonald is a cheaper option for 5 hungry kids), and then headed back north, with lots of pictures and fun memories to keep for always.

2 Responses to “Winter Sun, Cousin Fun, At The Zoo!”

  1. Ressis
    February 15th, 2017 12:59

    The big girls had a great time! They’re still talking about it!

  2. Nana
    February 17th, 2017 08:30

    So glad you could make these memories!