Art Of The Week – Snowmen

As we prepare for spring, Tad’s art class got one last snowman art project done.

The first was a diptych, with two different perspectives on a snowman.  The kids drew with pen on styrofoam rectangles, pressing hard enough to create lines, and then a blue piece of paper was laid on top and white paint was used to show the relief.

Snowman diptych

But while each time was waiting their turn, they did an oil pastel drawing on black paper of a snowman.

Tad and his oil pastel snowman

This one is really cute.

Snowman up close

I’m ready for winter to be at an end, but I love these snowman pictures!

One Response to “Art Of The Week – Snowmen”

  1. Linda
    February 21st, 2017 08:28

    My hat is off to our Family Artist, Tad! Hugs!