When It Rains, We Go To The Zoo

Convincing the boys to go to the zoo on a rainy day is never a problem.  Convincing Ane, on the other hand… well, I just keep reminding her that this is normal weather.  If we stayed inside on rainy days, we’d never go anywhere!  Plus, it’s a day off school when so many others are in school!  It’s a perfect day to go to the zoo!

I did acquiesce pretty quickly to going to an indoor exhibit – the tropical rain forest – where it was nice and warm.

At the entrance to the rain forest

And we saw snakes and frogs and bright colorful birds.  Like the toucan.  Or as Rerun says, “tuckin.”  (I had some doing to convince him that he was saying it wrong.)


And I don’t know where he got it into his head (maybe from our visit to the Byodo-In Temple?), but Rerun really was trying to stand perfectly still and convince a bird to hop onto his arm.

Rerun offers a bird a perch

No luck.

The kids put up with posing for some pictures for me…

In the boat near the penguins

… and we got some fun playtime in the Zoomazium.

Thumper sits on the baby elephant statue

Tad even found a megalodon tooth in their hands-on fossils collection.  He loved looking at all the fossils.

Fossil hunter

And then we headed off to Tad and Thumper’s regular therapy session, with a lot of fresh air and exercise under our belts.

One Response to “When It Rains, We Go To The Zoo”

  1. Linda
    February 22nd, 2017 07:15

    Your day was much more fun than our trip to the Dentist! Hugs to All!