The Seven and Four March Birthday Doubleheader

Party time!  We celebrated Rerun’s birthday (10 days later) and Thumper’s birthday (3 days early) in one big birthday party!

The spread was out…

Party spread

… and the cakes were ready.  I decided to give Thumper another Star Wars birthday, and finally used some of the specialty decorating kit from Williams-Sonoma that I had been saving.

Star Wars cupcakes

Rerun had the more complicated request.  He could not settle on a theme (I was given multiple complicated options) until we hit upon the idea of having a Peanuts baseball birthday.  Rerun called it his “Charlie Brown’s All-Stars” birthday, and I had Peanuts Movie party plates and napkins on hand, so I could make that work.  I finally came across a picture online that inspired the cake.

Charlie Brown baseball cake

The Charlie Brown image was drawn on sugar paper (courtesy of Wilton) with food coloring pens.  The sugar paper was just transparent enough to see the image that I had printed up from online underneath it, so I just traced it.  (No, my artistic skills are not good enough to freehand that.)  I do wish my buttercream had been a little smoother before putting it on.  Live and learn.  Rerun didn’t care, and that’s good enough for me.

The boys had a good haul.

Birthday boys

Thumper, who literally needs no clothes or toys, got a lot of books.  We are very much fans of the Cozy Classics series of board books, which break down classic literature into 12 pictures, accompanied by a single word.  They are fabulous to use in therapy, and Thumper got 4 more of them – Les Miserables, Huckleberry Finn, Great Expectations, and Emma.

Reading Emma

He also got some gift cards as gifts to use to buy more books or therapy tools as needed.

Rerun got the bigger haul, since he can actually tell people what he wants.  Like the gift from Auntie.  When he opened this, he set it down, and then leapt about 3 feet off the ground – he was so excited!

Magic Tracks!

He also got some fun books, including Magic Tree House – and two sets of audio book CDs to go with them! – and the LEGO set he has been dreaming of.

Angry Birds castle!

Once all the presents were opened, it was time for cake!

Rerun and cake

Thumper and cake

Thumper tried and tried to blow out his candles, but just could not force air through his lips properly.  Grandma finally had to come in for the assist.

Help, please?

But the cake was appreciated by both boys.

Mmmm, frosting

Mmmm, chocolate cake

I think they had a pretty fun and successful birthday party!

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