Art of Three Weeks – Painting in Progress

Tad’s art class finished a three week art project, that I can now show as a completed painting!

The first week was about drawing the still life.  It was a pitcher full of tulips, along with a little stuffed bear in a sailor dress.


The class then took the drawing, and with carbon paper underneath, traced the lines of their drawing directly onto a canvas panel.

The next two weeks were spent painting their canvases.  Here is what Tad’s looked like after the first painting session:

First painting

And here is what it looked like the next week, when he was finished:


The bear’s dress was originally white with the blue ribbon, but Tad apparently took some artistic license.  The colors on the tulips and the leaves off the stems are great, and I love how the lesson really drew the kids away from making outlines around everything with the carbon paper copy method.

We are accumulating quite the art collection here at home!

One Response to “Art of Three Weeks – Painting in Progress”

  1. Linda
    March 22nd, 2017 08:41

    Beautiful, Tad!
    I look forward to your 1st Art Show!