Thumper and Daddy

We all know that Thumper is a mama’s boy.  But he really does love his daddy, too.

When Thumper and I met the Webmaster for lunch last week (a special lunch at Ivar’s for Thumper’s birthday), who did Thumper want to sit with?  Daddy.

Birthday lunch with Daddy

On Saturday, the sun came out for the entire day, allowing the kids to roam freely outside (break out the bikes and scooters, yay!!!!!) and the Webmaster to mow the lawn.  Thumper decided to “help” Daddy.

Helping Daddy mow

I had no idea we owned a riding lawn mower.

The Webmaster took Ane and Head out on Saturday afternoon (more on that tomorrow) and didn’t come home until well after the boys were in bed.  Then the Webmaster left before Thumper was up, because he was on sound duty for church.  When Thumper finally saw him between services, he clung onto his dad’s leg, and then cuddled in his lap.  He missed his dad, and he wanted to let him know that.

Good job, Daddy.

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  1. Nana
    April 3rd, 2017 07:17

    I’ll second that !