Tad At Camp!

Tad and the Webmaster returned from 5th grade camp on Friday afternoon.  And they had a BLAST.

Considering how worried and anxious Tad was about going, he settled in pretty well once he was actually there, and started doing real activities.  Like the student forestry class.


And climbing the rock wall.


Can’t exactly do this kind of stuff at school.

By the time it was over, he was loving camp.


Even the food was great!

Tad even told me on Saturday morning that he WANTED to go back to camp, because “there are so many activities!”  I’m just glad he stretched his wings and his expectations a bit, and had a good time going to camp with his classmates.

The Webmaster also had a good time, which is great, because he’ll have to go to camp with Rerun and Thumper in future years.

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