Easter Sunday 2017

Christ is risen!  We, on the other hand, rose a little late after going to a baseball game on Saturday.  (More on that tomorrow.)  But the kids moved relatively quickly and we were ready for church at a semi-appropriate time.

Easter morning 2017

Per our tradition, the Easter Bunny does not arrive until after church.  Tad attempted to leave a note for the Easter Bunny the same way that he leaves a note for Santa Claus, and was hoping for a reply.  I managed to shoot that down by pointing out that the Easter Bunny has paws, and can’t write.

The baskets were full, and the children were thrilled.

Thumper and his basket

Rerun and his basket

Ane and her basket

Tad and his basket

We then had a bit of a break at home, because Auntie was working at the Mariners game (we were watching) and the Easter family meal was being pushed back to dinnertime.  This gave Thumper a chance to nap, and the older boys the chance to work on their LEGO sets.

Once we got to Grandma and Gichan’s, though, it was egg hunting time!

Tad moves fast

The only rule was that all the yellow eggs were designated for Thumper, and the older kids were not allowed to collect them (as they were mostly out on the lawn in plain sight).  Everything else was fair game.

Rerun is all business

The older kids hunt

Thumper was great about picking up eggs (especially with Mama as a spotter), but I think the point of the hunt eluded him.  But he was a good sport!

Thumper collects eggs

Finding those yellow eggs

Finally, all the eggs were found…

Eggs are in the baskets!

… and it was time to eat!

Easter family dinner

We all left just stuffed.  Except maybe Thumper, who continues on his “if I haven’t eaten it before, I refuse to put it in my mouth now” hunger strike.  I managed to bribe him into eating a few bites of dinner by offering him peanut M&M’s in between bites.  I may have hit on a new way to get him to eat.  This is an ongoing battle, and his ABA therapist and I keep strategizing on new ways to get him to try different foods.  I mean, he COULD live on yogurt, apples, cheese and peanut butter forever, but….

I hope your Easter was as happy and blessed as ours was!

One Response to “Easter Sunday 2017”

  1. Linda
    April 17th, 2017 07:07

    Happy Day After Easter!
    Priceless Memories with each picture! Love each one!
    We had an Amazing Worship Service and always leave feeling my Soul has been refreshed!
    Love and hugs from the two of us!