Doctor Who Cosplay Night!

Trivia, discounts, cosplay, prizes, and Doctor Who?  We’re there!

Saturday we took the kids to a trivia and cosplay event at our local ThinkGeek store, and they were ready to participate…

Group picture with a Dalek

… especially when there was a full-size red Dalek parked at the store’s entrance!

Take two

If this Dalek had been for sale, the kids would have been pooling their money together to have a chance to bring it home.

Doctor Tad confronts the Dalek

Fortunately for us, the Dalek was display only.  The trivia night was fun – we won a trivia question and got a $5 gift card! – and the kids quickly discovered just how cool the store was.

Testing the lightsabers

Because when full-size light-up lightsabers, complete with sound effects, are open and available to play with, this makes the store the greatest place ever.  The boys could have stayed there all day playing with those, but it was hard to keep them from reenacting every single lightsaber battle without knocking over shelves.

So we finally tore ourselves away, but we had a great time proving that we are huge nerds!

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