Mother’s Day 2017 – Nothing’s Perfect

I tried, I really really tried, to get ONE nice picture of myself and the kids outside in natural light. This became too complicated when the boys whined about it being “too bright” out there. (It was overcast and began raining later.)

So we finally settled on taking a picture on the couch. No one sat still. I finally said, “FINE! Just beat each other up! That’s apparently what we do in real life!”

Ane rose to the challenge and smacked Tad.
The opening smack
This led to a full-out wrestling match between the older two, which the younger two wanted no part of.
Finally, the Webmaster threatened and bribed the kids to sit nicely and watch the funny cats on YouTube long enough to take the picture.
Mother's Day 2017
Happy Mother’s Day to me.

One Response to “Mother’s Day 2017 – Nothing’s Perfect”

  1. Linda
    May 15th, 2017 07:34

    Priceless! You are All so Precious to us!
    Thank you for sharing your Family Life and Love!