I Want To Ride My Bicycle

We got Tad a new bike last year after it was clear that he had outgrown his previous one, and like Ane’s bike, we ordered it off Amazon.  But because the kids have been so addicted to their scooters for a while now, we haven’t bothered to put it together.  But apparently the neighbor kids are moving on, because they all appeared out on bikes the other night, which meant Ane (who is really too tall for her scooter now anyway) went and got her bike out, and Tad and Rerun…. were still on their scooters.

At this point the Webmaster said, “I should really get Tad’s bike put together.  It really won’t take that long.”

And he was right!  But it did take long enough that by the time the Webmaster was finished putting it together on Wednesday, dusk was falling and there wasn’t much time for more than a height measurement to make sure the seat wasn’t too tall, and then a quick spin around the cul-de-sac, before putting it away.

On Sunday, though, the boys had the entire beautiful sunny afternoon.

And I got to see the new bike in action.

I think he likes it!

Now, to convince Rerun to ride a bike without training wheels….

One Response to “I Want To Ride My Bicycle”

  1. Nana
    June 1st, 2017 06:59

    After a long winter, this is good to see!