Camp Preview

I was out very late last night, going through the parent orientation for summer camp.  By the time I finally stepped back through the front door yesterday, the boys were all ready for bed. (Ane is another story and is supposed to be responsible for herself.)

Tad and Rerun are going to be attending summer camp for 5 weeks, which is a really long period of time.  It is day camp, so they won’t be “away,” but they will be incredibly busy.  We’ve never been a “summer camp” family – Ane has done week-long swim camps, or gone to youth camp with church, but we’ve never committed almost a whole summer to camp before.

So, what changed?

Well, the autism center has its own summer camp, and Tad’s therapist was really beginning to sell me on the idea last summer.  The biggest issues were the commute (into Seattle every day for 5 weeks for one kid?), and the cost (big).  His therapist understood my hesitation, but then said, “You may not want to do this for one kid, but what about for two?”

The camp directors from the autism clinic also work with the children’s hospital psychiatry department, so the camp is designed to accommodate both kids on the autism spectrum AND kids with ADHD.  Oh, look, we just happen to have one of each in the correct age range!

Since I spend every summer trying to plan how best to keep they boys in some kind, ANY kind, of structured schedule without school, putting both Tad and Rerun into camp seemed like an ideal solution – once you get past the idea of the daily commute into Seattle and the cost.  We were blessed with some financial support from family, and the boys were accepted into camp.

Because of the additional make-up days that have been tacked on to the end of the school year, Tad and Rerun will only have a week off before camp starts – which is just enough time for me to go crazy, so that’s perfect.  Then we will begin our wacky summer schedule – because Ane has a few commitments, including youth camp, and Thumper is going to be maintaining his daily therapy.  So yes, these five weeks are going to be jam-packed.  And by the time camp ends, it will be time to celebrate Tad’s birthday.

I expect I will have some very tired boys for most of the summer, but after getting a preview of what awaits them, I am really happy that they are going to get to go.  I’m less thrilled about the amount of time I’ll be spending in the car, but you can’t win ’em all.

2 Responses to “Camp Preview”

  1. Linda
    June 14th, 2017 08:02

    Sounds crazy hectic but we know how you All cope!
    Will hold All in our hearts and prayers! Hugs and love!

  2. Nana
    June 20th, 2017 07:21

    I am thanking God ahead of time for safe journeys and for His blessings: “showers of blessing – showers of blessing we need – mercy drops ’round us are falling – but for the showers we plead.” It all began with your devotion, Deanna.