Baseball On A School Night

Shhhh.  We only have a few days of school left, but they are still important.  We took the kids to Monday night’s Mariners game anyway.

We got there so early that the comfy seats by the fire down in the ‘Pen (where lots of great food places reside) were open for the kids.

We had packed dinner along, but I had promised Tad and Rerun that we would buy popcorn.  They each got their own.

Even though you would think it would be sensory overload, Thumper so enjoys the experience of the ballpark.  I’m not sure what it is.

However, three hours of evening ball means that we are up waaaaaaay past bedtime.

But the kid who started to actually wilt was Tad.  Fortunately, his dad was there to help him out.

And also fortunately, WE WON.  Which makes it all worthwhile.  Even with an insanely late bedtime.

One Response to “Baseball On A School Night”

  1. Linda
    June 21st, 2017 11:54

    I should have run over and joined you! Looks like All had a great time! Hugs!