This weekend, we traveled down to Nana and Papa’s for the annual extended family picnic.  What was the highlight of the day?  The picnic?  The people?  Riding in Papa’s golf cart?

Nope.  The cat.

This is Garfield, Nana and Papa’s cat.  (And apparently I caught him mid-tongue-flick in this picture.)  They got him last September, when he was 4 months old, so he’s still a pretty young kitty.  He was surprisingly tolerant of the kids, and Tad especially loved petting him.  However, the boys have near-to-zero experience with young cats (except through internet videos), and all the cats they have known/interacted with were older.  And the idea that Garfield wasn’t going to “come” to them…. clearly, these boys have spent more time with dogs.

Still, the trip must have been fun… because they are still talking about the cat.  (Garfield is probably glad they left.)

One Response to “Caturday”

  1. Linda
    July 31st, 2017 06:57

    Garfield is a cutie!
    Our two would have been cowering behind a chair or couch as they are two big ‘scaredy cats’ that are ‘people intolerant’!
    Thank you for sharing this sweet boy!