Bubbles, Air Hockey, And Jumping

Tad’s party at Pump It Up was a success!

We had a few less kids than last year, and they definitely run the gamut of ages.  But they all had fun!

From Littlelyn, who is 17 months…

… to the older kids like Danny, Head, the Brain, and Ane.

The birthday boy loved every minute of it.

And he loved the cupcakes that I had made.

We had pizza and snacks after the jumping was over.

Because the secret to a really great birthday party is pizza, of course!

And then there was cake…

… and presents!

There were a couple of presents to open, and a lot of gift cards.  People know that Tad likes to save up gift cards to get big LEGO sets and things like that.

And since everyone left happy, I call the party a success!

And speaking of birthdays, today is Gichan’s!  Happy birthday, Gichan!

One Response to “Bubbles, Air Hockey, And Jumping”

  1. Nana
    August 21st, 2017 06:35

    Everyone looks so happy! And cute cupcakes, yum. What fun you all had!