LEGO Batman Birthday Party

We had Tad’s family party over the weekend, and I discovered that he really didn’t believe that he was 12 years old until this party.  Blowing out 12 candles is apparently THE moment.

Since the theme was “LEGO Batman Movie,” there were a lot of LEGO sets.

Did I say a lot?

I meant it.


He has doubled the number of sets he previously had from the LEGO Batman Movie, and now only the really expensive sets are left. (insert heavy sigh here)

Tad also got non-LEGO presents, like this great mitt from Auntie…

… and this awesome pencil sharpener from Nana and Papa!

Tad also got a lot of clothes.  He’s pretty much set for the school year.

Including a brand-new North Shore Shark Adventures shirt that Tad has decided he is wearing for the first day of school.

And the coolest part of the party was the cake that Auntie made.

After seeing this cake on Facebook, Auntie volunteered to make it for Tad’s party.  It was chocolate and vanilla, covered in homemade marshmallow fondant.

And once the candles were blown out…

Tad cut the cake…

… and revealed the surprise inside!

Tad knew that the Batman symbol was baked into the cake, but it was still an awesome reveal.

And Tad ate a huge piece of it.

He only turns 12 once!

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