Watching The Eclipse

While we didn’t make a big deal over it to the kids, the eclipse happened yesterday and we ended up enjoying it far more than we’d planned.

Ane ended up watching it from the orthodontist’s office (she had an appointment that the Webmaster took her to), while the boys and I joined Auntie and R. at the zoo.  While neither Auntie or I were particularly hyped up about the eclipse, R. was, and his mom had bought two good pairs of the “eclipse glasses” to use.  R. was very generous in letting Tad and Rerun use them to observe the eclipse – and even Auntie and I were drawn in.

As totality (as much as we were going to see) drew near, we planted ourselves in the zoo’s North Meadow, where many others were gathered, to watch the eclipse happen.

The boys enjoyed looking through the pitch-dark glasses, and seeing the sunshine slowly get blocked off.  Auntie and I were surprised at just how chilly it got, and while we didn’t have total darkness, we did have a real dusk falling.

Not to mention the eerie shadows.

It really was a very unforgettable experience!

One Response to “Watching The Eclipse”

  1. Nana
    August 28th, 2017 19:26

    Glad you all enjoyed it too! I love “signs in the heavens.”