School Sprint

This week has been nuts.

We have visited (in no particular order) Tad’s new middle school, his previous elementary school, Ane’s middle school, and Rerun’s new elementary school in the space of two days.  With planned visits TODAY to Tad’s new middle school and Rerun’s new elementary school.

I might catch my breath at some point.

There have been both “official” whole school open houses plus picture days for both Ane and Tad, plus individual meetings for both Tad and Rerun.  And did I mention that Rerun’s new teacher that he was going to have this year at his new elementary school went and moved out-of-state over the summer?  So now he has a completely new teacher/case manager that I had never met until yesterday?

Good times.

On the up side, all of these meetings are serving to make next week a much smoother path for the boys.  And for that, I am truly grateful.

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