The Night Before The Night Before

As I write this, kids are sleeping with the knowledge that Mom is waking them up at 8 am to start thinking about school.

School starts Wednesday, and both Ane and Tad will need to be waking up earlier than that, but it’s a start.  Actually, Tad’s bus driver called and we must be the first stop on the route, because they are supposed to be picking him up at 7:33 am for a 8:25 am start to school.  So much for “letting the kids sleep in a little longer.”  *rolls eyes*  Tad’s middle school and Ane’s middle school are both about equally far from our house (about 5 miles, depending on route taken), but Ane does not have a bus this year because we opted to “waive” her in order to keep her at the school she started at, instead of having her switch over to where Tad will be starting.  The Webmaster will be driving her (and possibly other kids)  and probably be leaving earlier than Tad, but having a much shorter commute and some time before school to finish up work.

Rerun will get to sleep in a little longer, but not much.  And once Thumper starts preschool (on the 18th), he’ll probably be leaving around the same time as Tad and Ane.  We might have quite a bus traffic jam at our stop.

So, today we will start thinking about packing up lunches, laying out clothes, making sure supplies are prepared (Ane and Tad won’t be taking anything but lunches on Wednesday, as it is an orientation day) or backpacks at the ready, and maybe some sunscreen?  It’s supposed to be pushing 90 degrees on Wednesday, and none of the school building are air conditioned.  Sorry, kids.  September around here is either extra summer, or instant rain.

I look forward to sharing Tad and Rerun’s first day of school pictures tomorrow!  Ane’s will be taken on Thursday.  She will be dressed in school leader gear on Wednesday in order to lead the younger grades around on their orientation day (since she will be a big 8th grader now), and as she said, “This is not the outfit I want pictures in!”  So I’ll take them on her first day of classes on Thursday.

One Response to “The Night Before The Night Before”

  1. Linda
    September 5th, 2017 08:08

    Congratulations to All of you!
    Milestones and new pebbled walk ways to Adventure onto with all of the newness!
    Hopefully, Mom will say ‘ahhh’ with a cup of coffee out on the deck for a few minutes to reflect!
    You are ALL an amazing Family and we love ALL of you!