Tad and Rerun’s First Day of School!

Here is our big sixth grader, headed off to middle school!

Tad would be much happier to be going back to his beloved elementary school – I caught him poring over last year’s yearbook this morning – and attending 6th grade there.  But this is the big year of the junior highs becoming middle schools, so they are shifting all the 6th graders up to middle school.  Tad has been sad, but we have tried to do all we can to prepare him for this transition.

The new shark T-shirt from Grandma and Gichan helped.

And here is our new second grader, going back to a previous school!

Rerun was much more amiable about school than I expected this morning.  I know he would prefer to be back at his “old” elementary school – the one he attended last year – but our home school was shifted around with the grade transition and the opening of a new high school, and Rerun was “sent back” to the elementary school that he attended for kindergarten, because they expanded their special education program to include his grade.

We have had several good visits to his new/old school, plus one quick visit back to his old school to visit his previous teachers (who felt badly about letting him go), so he was as mentally prepared as I could get him.

And yes, that is a fading bruise on his upper lip.  Thanks, Tad, that’s just what he needed for the first day of school pictures.

Tomorrow, I will post Ane’s pictures!

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  1. Linda
    September 7th, 2017 08:04

    Handsomes, each one!