Ane’s Official First Day!

Yesterday, she was leading the younger grades around.  TODAY, she goes to class herself.

And yes, she’s getting absurdly tall to be standing on the hearth for these pictures, but it’s tradition – plus you can really get a sense of how tall she has gotten.

The dress is courtesy of Auntie’s best friend JZ.  Both Auntie and JZ gave Ane a ton of hand-me-downs over the summer when they cleaned their closets.  As Ane loved her options, it’s obvious that their style and fashion choices meet more broadly with Ane’s approval.  However, Ane went back-to-school shopping for herself, and is ready to wear all the fall clothes she bought… once we actually have fall weather.

One Response to “Ane’s Official First Day!”

  1. Linda
    September 8th, 2017 08:35

    Ane, you are your ‘Mom’!
    Beautiful! Stay thusly, inside and out! Hugs!
    Traditions are very family oriented! Keep them as Treasures! (Referring to the hearth and mantle yearly pictures!)