He Will Find A Way

Despite several conversations with Tad’s case manager, and going to the school administrators with some schedule change ideas, we’ve had no luck so far in getting Tad into any kind of art class.

Tad himself was disappointed to not be going to school with a pencil box for all his crayons and colored pencils this year.  I sent him with two #2 pencils, two black ballpoint pens, and a yellow highlighter.

I opened his binder and found this on his looseleaf notebook paper:

I think this is Tad’s way of saying, “No crayons?  No colored pencils?  Challenge accepted.”

One Response to “He Will Find A Way”

  1. Linda
    September 12th, 2017 05:39

    Artistic talent cannot be restrained.
    How sad that Art, which is such a Gift and release, cannot be available.
    Will Pray over this concern.
    Hugs, Tad!