Divide And Conquer

Someone in the school district hit upon the brilliant idea of having all of the middle schools hold their curriculum night on the same night.

That person clearly hates me.

As a result, the Webmaster will be attending Ane’s curriculum night, and I will be attending Tad’s.  Ane’s school is geographically closer to the Webmaster’s job, and I already know where all of Tad’s classes are at his school.

Grandma and Ane get to hold down the fort at home.  I was tempted to let Ane watch the boys by herself, but Tad tried to run away when his sister was in charge last Saturday.  So it will be wiser to have an authoritative adult on hand.  I am also not above bribing the kids with pizza.

The Webmaster also gets to go to Rerun’s curriculum night next Monday, because I will be busy driving all these children to and fro.  We are going to be comparing a lot of notes over the next week, I think.

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