Art Of The Week – Back To Class!

After a summer vacation, Tad was so excited to get back to art class this last Monday!  He gave his teacher a huge hug, and settled right back in as if he’d never left.

As a simple beginning project, the class drew personalized robots.  Tad went all out on his.

After drawing the outlines in pencil, tracing with ink, and then coloring in with oil pastel, the whole drawing was “washed” in watercolors to fill in the picture.  His teacher even had little glue-on gems to add for lights and dimension.

I can safely say that after so much change in his schedule, Tad was thrilled to reclaim part of his old routine.  Hurray for art class!

One Response to “Art Of The Week – Back To Class!”

  1. Linda
    September 14th, 2017 08:06

    Great picture, Tad! Hugs!