Goodbye, Baseball, ‘Til Next Year

In retrospect, we should have just stuck to Friday’s game.  Friday was the perfect game to end the season with.

But then Auntie was able to get us tickets to Saturday’s game, and it had a really great giveaway – the very first Mariners Funko Pop figure – King Felix.  They had a giant one on display at the park on Friday, so I snapped a picture of the kids with it then, knowing it would be completely mobbed on Saturday.

We had gotten the tickets for Friday because Rerun wanted to see one last fireworks show this season.  It was Fan Appreciation Night, followed by the fireworks show.

It was a pitcher’s duel of a game, which kept us all watching.

Thumper discovered that if he asked to go potty, he would get to walk around.  He went potty A LOT that evening.

And then we won in the bottom of the 9th with a walk-off home run!  Followed by fireworks!  It was a perfect game to attend.

Then we pushed our luck with Saturday’s day game.

But we got our King Felix Funko Pop figures!

Unfortunately, the game was not nearly as good, and we lost pretty badly.

Still, we spent the day at the ballpark, as a family, being together.

This is going to be a loooooooong offseason.

Thanks for the memories, Mariners!

One Response to “Goodbye, Baseball, ‘Til Next Year”

  1. Nana
    October 4th, 2017 20:36

    What loyal fans! And pictures are fantastic!