It’s Thursday Already???

This week is just blowing by.

I don’t have a cute picture or extraordinarily funny story, but there was great excitement in the house when Ane’s Halloween costume arrived yesterday.

The two older boys overrode any other considerations that Ane or Thumper might have had, and picked the theme without consulting anyone else but their own tastes.  Ane was okay with it, though she says she’s really getting too old to dress up for trick-or-treating.  I told her that since she dresses up with her brothers, and they go as a group, and we only go places where we are known, she can keep dressing up for a long while.

And no one tell Tad that he might get too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating, because he won’t believe you.

So, all the costumes are now purchased, and now we wait.  The boys are itching to wear their costumes now, but I said no.  I don’t feel like repairing a costume until after Halloween.

One Response to “It’s Thursday Already???”

  1. Nana
    October 12th, 2017 07:54

    Great sentence ending, “she can keep dressing up for a long while.” Costumes forever!