The 2017 Pumpkins!

The annual pumpkin carving took place on Saturday, with Auntie and JW coming over and joining in.  And the weather was nice and sunny, so Auntie suggested we carve pumpkins on the deck in the backyard.  That ended up being a perfect plan.

The mess and the guts were outside, and I pulled out all the pumpkin carving tools.

I made the older kids get their hands dirty, even though it seriously grossed Rerun out.

Ane and Tad are now old enough to handle their own pumpkins…

… while Rerun got me to finish cleaning out his pumpkin.  Once that was done, he drew the face he wanted on the pumpkin with Crayola markers, and Auntie helped him carve it.

Thumper was not interested in the pumpkin carving.  He was more than happy to let Mama do the hard work.

So, here are the finished pumpkins!

Thumper has a Seattle Mariners pumpkin (he keeps looking at it and saying “baseball,” so he does know what it is):

Rerun designed a Scaredy Squirrel faced pumpkin:

Tad freehanded and carved his own Batman pumpkin:

Ane, after much thought and Googling, settled on a Colonial Williamsburg pineapple design:

And Auntie and JW carved faces.  JW’s Jack Skellington faced pumpkin was pretty awesome.

Six pumpkins in a row…

And there they are!  Let Halloween commence!

And happy birthday to the Major!  I hope you get to eat something fun for your birthday…. 

One Response to “The 2017 Pumpkins!”

  1. Linda
    October 30th, 2017 06:20

    Wow! Such an immense measure of Talent at the little haus on the corner!
    Safe Halloween Tricks or treating!
    Hugs to All!