O Santa! 2017

It’s a Christmas miracle!  No one cried for the Santa picture!

Thumper actually let me lead him up to Santa, he said hi, and decided that Santa was okay.  And that his red suit was really fuzzy and soft.  So he stood between Santa’s knees while the other kids got in place, and then the photographer lifted him onto Santa’s lap.  Thumper discovered that was an even better spot from which to feel the arm of Santa’s red suit.

Everyone was incredibly well-behaved, despite both the older boys forgetting their letters for Santa (Tad discovered it once we were a couple miles from home, and I didn’t feel like turning around.  Tad was panicked, even though I told him to leave his letter out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I finally remembered that I’d taken a photo on my phone of his Christmas letter, because I thought he would be giving it away.  When I reminded Tad of that, he let out a giant sigh and said “I’m saved!”), and we didn’t have to deal with any crowds or lines.  Pro tip – go on a weeknight early in December.  Your chances are much better for a laid-back Santa experience.

2 Responses to “O Santa! 2017”

  1. Linda
    December 5th, 2017 07:29

    Beautiful Family Treasures!
    Thank you for the love and smiles!
    Hugs to All!

  2. Nana
    December 11th, 2017 08:12

    Got it in the mail! Would not be Christmas without it!
    Thank you so very much!