Swim Partypalooza

It was Danny’s birthday!  He’s 15 now.  (gulp!)  He and Tad have been such good friends for the last six-ish years, and it’s so great that they are both at the same school this year.

Danny’s party was held again at one of the bigger swimming pools around here, and the kids had a blast.

Ane got quite the workout as Thumper did his best imitation of a baby koala.  She carried him around for over an hour.  He loves the water, but the number of bodies and water depth requires him to have a full-time minder in the pool.

Tad and Rerun stopped for a picture, too, but then Ane came shooting back into frame.  So we had a group picture…

… before the boys floated away in the current of the lazy river, while clinging to their sister.

This picture pretty much sums up their relationships, I think.

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