Ane Goes To Maui

The headline is not a typo.  We had a three-day weekend, thanks to yesterday being the one and only teacher inservice day of the school year (for end of semester grading).  What better way to celebrate by making it a FOUR-day weekend (and making sure all assignments were handed in on time) and flying to Maui to spend time with your bestie that you haven’t seen face-to-face in 3 and a half years?

So that’s what Ane did, and pulled off the surprise of the year on her friend Lisa.

The girls had a fabulous weekend together, including eating their way across Maui, hiking up to the crater of Haleakala…

… and going to a luau on Sunday night.

I haven’t even seen all the pictures yet, and I know she had an absolutely wonderful time!  (I also know she is going to be dead tired when she has to get up for school today….)

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