The Rain In Seattle Falls Mainly On The Zoo

While Ane was away enjoying sunny Maui, her brothers were proving once again that they are hardy sons of the Pacific Northwest, and taking in the zoo with some friends of ours.

Thumper’s speech therapist (and Tad’s former speech therapist) J. and her two kids, Drew and Littlelyn, joined us for some wet fun.  Emphasis on the wet.

We tried to stick to the indoor exhibits.

But after lunch, we just decided to hang out in the Zoomazium for a while and play indoors.

J. and I agreed that it would be very handy to have Ane around next time we take the kids to the zoo.  Drew thinks Tad and Rerun are hysterical, so he loves hanging out with them.  We’re making plans to go out again soon!

One Response to “The Rain In Seattle Falls Mainly On The Zoo”

  1. Linda
    February 5th, 2018 14:59

    Looks like a fun time, even with the rain!