Thumper, Budding Engineer

I had a parent-teacher conference a little over a week ago for Thumper.  You may not be able to believe it, but he is turning FIVE next month, which means he is going into kindergarten in the fall.

I can hardly believe it either.  I’m going to have a kindergartener and a high school freshman next school year.

Thumper’s afternoon teacher had this to say: “All kids at this age are highly efficient.  And Thumper is one of the most efficient kids I’ve ever seen.  Not a word or action wasted.  He has the mindset of an engineer.”

“Or a ninja,” I remarked.

“He can be a ninja engineer!” she laughed.

“Efficient” and “self-sufficient” are definitely two good words to describe Thumper.  For example, he has decided that he’s not waiting for anyone to help him anymore when a battery needs replacing in his favorite toy-of-the moment.  He knows where I keep a basic screwdriver.  He’ll just fix it himself!

There are two problems with his method here…

1)  That’s not the battery compartment, and

2)  This toy doesn’t need a screwdriver to get at the batteries.

I almost hate to tell him that he’s doing it wrong.

Now, if Mr. High-Efficiency could learn to use a toilet properly all the time, that would be an excellent use of his skills!

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