There Was Sunshine!

It turned out to be an abnormally sunny weekend around here, with an even sunnier and warmer day predicted around these parts (don’t worry, we’re heading straight back into rain on Tuesday).  Saturday was brisk, but clear and sunny.  Which made for a great day to be at the zoo!  Thumper had been invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates at the zoo, so we all went.  I took Thumper to the birthday party, and the Webmaster walked around with the older three.

Thumper did pretty well at the party, but the best part?  FREE CAROUSEL RIDES.

Seriously, a little wind in the face, plus going up and down?  BEST THING EVER.  (I can’t wait to get him on a roller coaster.)

And there was cake, and that just made everything perfect.

Once the party was over, we met up with his dad and siblings, and since Ane had a swim clinic to get to that afternoon, we started making our way out of the zoo… with a stop at the penguins…

… and at the farm, where Thumper baa’ed at the sheep and moo’ed at the cows.  And “drove” the tractor.

With a little photobomb from his brother.

More weather like this, please!!!

And happy golden birthday to my niece Belle, who is 12 years old on the 12th!!!  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I miss you!

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