Beginning the 5K Season

Actually, 5Ks happen all year round, but who wants to run one in the middle of winter?  Last year, Ane and the Webmaster kicked off the running season in spring with the Autism Center’s Run2Pieces 5K.  This year, it was held a week earlier than it was last year… and it snowed the day and night before.

The roads were clear, but when we arrived at the park where the race was being held, it was plenty chilly and there was still snow gathered around on the grass and bark.

This meant that the team – Ane, the Webmaster, Auntie and JW – needed to stay warm.

The boys and I cheered them on at the start of the race, then went back inside for half an hour.  I figured that would give the runners enough time to cross the finish line.

When we went back outside, JW was already done and waiting.  He’d finished the race in 25 minutes – and won his age division as well.  Auntie, when she crossed the finish line, was really annoyed with him for leaving her in the dust.

Ane crossed the line a couple of minutes later, and the Webmaster finished about 10 minutes after her.

Then we all went out for doughnuts and coffee, because that’s what we all needed after being outside in the cold wet weather.

One Response to “Beginning the 5K Season”

  1. Nana
    March 30th, 2018 08:16

    So proud of this bunch! They all “deserved” the doughnuts and coffee.